Work process

1、Totem design
We can design three hand-drawn sketches to provide customers with choices, or customers can propose ideas, and we will finish it.


2、3D drawing design
Perform digital 3D drawing based on the sketch.


3、Model making
It can be made by 3D printing, mock up or clay sculpture.


In addition to having general 3D solid drawing molding technology, we can also use STL file format to molding, which is a technical field that ordinary mold factories cannot do.


5、Die casting production
According to the appearance and structure of the product and the required materials, we provide production technologies such as zinc alloy die casting, aluminum alloy die casting, plastic injection or tin alloy centrifugal casting.


6、Precision Machining
Lathes, milling machines, machine drilling, tapping.


Precision grinding, manual grinding, vibration grinding.


8、Surface treatment
Pickling leather molds, sandblasting, Brushed finish, baking varnish coating, electric paint coating, electroplating.


9、In Process Quality Control
Appearance inspection, size measurement, inspection tool or counter-part assembly judgment, and packaging according to customers’ requirements.